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Do you support SSL certificates ?​

Yes, we fully support SSL certificates. In case your company needs to know more about our SSL certificates (information, expiration dates, etc.), please contact your Customer Success Manager at Inspectorio.

What is Inspectorio’s API?​

Inspectorio's API is a set of tools and protocols that allow developers and businesses to integrate Inspectorio's inspection, tracking and compliance solutions into their own software applications or systems. It provides two-way programmatic access to various features and functionalities of Inspectorio's platform. Inspectorio offers industry standard RESTful API that uses HTTP requests to access and use data. Inspectorio has an integration strategy of ultimate flexibility allowing you to send data from pretty much any source, how you want it, and when you want it. As long the data is put into our JSON format, the source does not matter.

What are the benefits of using Inspectorio’s API?​

Inspectorio’s API allows you to integrate your ERP or PLM system with Inspectorio’s Server API. This integration provides you with the flexibility to push and pull data and transform it to meet your business needs. API integrations allow for a more scalable, flexible, reliable, and standardized way to integrate with Inspectorio.

How can I access Inspectorio's API?​

Inspectorio will enable API features for your organization upon request. Once enabled, you can access Inspectorio’s API and make requests. In order to send requests to the Inspectorio Server API, you will need to build an API client to translate information between your ERP or PLM system and the Inspectorio Server API. Since you will manage this API client, you will be able to make any modifications to alter the type of information you send.

What can I do with Inspectorio's API?​

With Inspectorio's API, you can automate and streamline data integration for your inspection and compliance processes. You can create/update POs and measurement charts, retrieve inspection/audit reports, track the status of inspections, update T&A milestones and production status, and much more. The API enables you to integrate Inspectorio's functionalities into your own applications and systems, enhancing your supply chain management processes. The API integration functionality depends on the subscription plan of your account and its availability may change in the future.

How hard is it to start with File Transfer, and then move to API Integration?​

Though the data mapping efforts done for File Transfer can be reused for API Integration, IT resources, preferably with API integration experience will be needed to build the API integration with Inspectorio. That said, some of the work done to complete File Transfer is inevitably discarded when transitioning. For example, any scripts written to automatically upload files to the storage service will not be used. This is why we generally recommend starting with API Integration, if possible.

What programming languages are supported by Inspectorio's API?​

Inspectorio's API supports multiple programming languages. It provides RESTful endpoints, which can be accessed using any programming language that can make HTTP requests. This includes popular languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C#, and more.

What is the workload impact on our IT teams (both on implementation and maintenance)?​

Inspectorio offers industry standard RESTful API that uses HTTP requests to access and use data. The workload and resource impact on your teams will ultimately depend on the standardization and readiness of your teams/systems to build an integration and send data to Inspectorio. Given a business purpose is defined and data to be sent (PO, POMs etc) is selected, the data mapping process and building the integration can typically take 4-6 weeks with dedicated IT resources. There is little maintenance cost to ensure an updated integration that matches updates to the source system and any updates coming from Inspectorio. Our team can offer best practices on maintenance process to ensure the integration stays up-to-date. Get in touch with your CSM to discuss more and map out the steps & timeline involved in building an integration for your organization.

What level of technical support is provided for Inspectorio's API?​

Inspectorio offers technical support for its API. If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding API integration, you can reach out to our CSM & support team for assistance. Your CSM can advise you on the different channels of support Inspectorio offers. We strive to provide timely and effective support to help you make the most of our API capabilities. 

Can Inspectorio build the integration for my organization?​

Typically, Inspectorio offers the tools and resources for clients to build their own integration. In some cases, at an additional cost, Inspectorio can be more involved in building/supporting the integration depending on workload and resource allocation factors. Please communicate with your CSM to discuss further.

Does Inspectorio offer a testing/sandbox environment to validate API integration?​

Yes, Inspectorio offers a “Pre-Production” environment for API integration validation. It allows you to test and dry run API calls without affecting your live production data. This environment helps ensure your integration works as expected before deploying it to the production environment. Contact your CSM for more information on our Pre-Production environment.

Can we use API and other methods of integration in parallel to adopt a phased approach to integration?​

Yes! Taking a phased approach to integrating your data by leveraging File Import on UI and File Transfer methods while building your API integration is a great way to ensure continuity in your operations while working towards optimizing your journey to digital transformation with Inspectorio. It must be noted that there are some limitations in making data uploaded via non-API methods available for API integration at a later stage, but that limitation can be overcome by re-pushing same data (e.g POs, POMs) via API when ready.

What are all the steps involved in building and implementing API Integration?​

Integration Process